Fitness Kickboxing & Personal Training in Janesville,WI

Fitness kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing:

Muscle and Fitness Magazine rates Fitness Kickboxing as the number one fat-burning activity with over 800 calories burned in one class!

Classes are designed to meet a diverse group of physical needs. The best part is every night is different and you don't have to know karate to workout! We offer a dropin rate as well as a punch card of sessions. Come try out one of the best stress-relieving, full body workouts you'll experience!

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Personal Training:

We understand that everyone has personal fitness goals and every individual responds differently to working out. Most adults have muscle deficiencies or unbalanced muscles which creates chronic pain and misalignment. Through an individual assessment, one can learn which areas to focus on for improvement and develop a balanced diet, body, and mind. An initial assessment requires 5 sessions to complete and develop a personalized workout plan. Please contact: Joe at for more information and pricing.