Martial Arts

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Tigers (age 4) & Dragon (ages 5-6)

AmeriKick is like nothing you’ve experienced before! It is the perfect place for parents seeking a fun, relaxed environment for their child’s introduction the Karate and the Martial Arts. Children learn basic karate blocks, punches and kicks in a fun atmosphere. Obstacle courses, high-energy, skill-based activities and games help to create learning opportunities that meet your child’s number one desire – to have FUN!

Unlike traditional sports, children in martial arts programs can experience and develop in the martial arts at their own pace.

While Karate is a Martial Art, we’ve created a non-contact, age-appropriate curriculum in which your child can focus on their own personal advancement. The combination of karate and gymnastics helps to improve coordination, balance and fitness for the body, as well as concentration, self-discipline and confidence for the mind!

Kids/Youth (ages 7-12)

The main goals of the Karate Kids classes are to teach the full AmeriKick Martial Arts Curriculum, develop skilled martial arts leaders and well rounded human beings. The ages range from 7-12 years and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced belt levels.

The Karate Kids Curriculum includes a variety of traditional styles in addition to more contemporary modern martial arts. Your child will learn the basics of Korean, Japanese, and Okinawan styles of martial arts. The Karate Kids Curriculum also includes Sport Karate training, weapons training, extreme martial arts, sparring and kickboxing training. All these components have been selected and designed over the past 15 years of AmeriKick to give your child the best training on their journey to Black Belt.

Adults (ages 13 & up)

The adult martial art classes is available for those men and women who always had a fascination for the arts and found that it’s now time to start.

The adult program includes traditional martial arts values, self protection techniques, state of the art core development training, flexibility training and an overall presentation of several traditional arts.