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Not all forms are available on video! These links are password protected and you do not need to fill in any of the contact information!

Our Student Creed, Beginning Class  

        "To Build Confidence... I must have Knowledge in my Mind, Truth in my Heart, and Strength in my Body."

AmeriKick provides students with a written curriculum for each belt rank. The documents assist the student to keep them on track and to aid them in fullfilling their goals and all the requirements of the individual belt ranks.

"Due to our strong martial arts philosophies and long standing professional experience it is important for you to know that we DO NOT grant black belts to young children! A black belt is something that is synonymous with dedication, hard work and longevity. Children under the age of 13 will not be eligible for a black belt here. We strongly question the credibility of those who grant black belts to young children."

Belt Rank & Progression 

Times may vary from individual to individual depending on:

  1. Prior experience
  2. Training days per week
  3. Private lessons
  4. Attendance

(these do not reflect times and ranks for our tigers & dragons programs)

Average Months of Progression Solid Belt Program

Students who elect to have private lessons, train more than twice per week, and are consistent in attendance will progress at the lower range of these estimates!
  • White Belt - Yellow Belt 1 - 4
  • Yellow Belt - Orange Belt 4 - 6
  • Orange Belt - Green Belt 7 - 12
  • Blue Belt - Purple Belt 12 - 17
  • Purple Belt - Red Belt 18 - 24
  • Red 1 Belt - Red 2 Belt 22 - 28
  • Red 2 Belt - Red 3 Belt 28 - 36
  • Junior Black Belt 36 - 46
  • Black Belt 46 - 60